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Addressing Intellectual Property Protection Issues Around Crowdfunding

Many entrepreneurs concerned about the lack of intellectual property (IP) protections, however, are still wary of crowdfunding their ideas.

Their apprehension is understandable. Crowdfunding is typically a way to finance early-stage projects and products that may not yet have the appropriate IP safeguards in place. Many innovative and interesting projects are left off crowdfunding sites, which hurts entrepreneurs and platforms alike.

Creative barcodes were created to address some of these concerns on sharing content and ideas.


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Crowdsourcing using by large and small companies alike

Crowdsourcing using by large and small companies alike

Crowdopolis conference will feature crowdfunding best practices from large Fortune 500 companies to small companies.

Here’s How Important Crowdfunding Is to Innovation and Jobs

It’s election season (duh!) and we’re told the focus is on the economy and jobs. Yes, the unemployment figures went down at the end of September to under 8 percent, which is better than before. But there’s no doubt about it, the economy and jobs picture in America is still bleak for some. CLICK HERE for the full article


4 Signs A Company Is NOT A Good Candidate For Equity Crowdfunding

In a letter addressed to NYTechMeetup,President Obama mentioned crowdfunding as one of the tools available to grow the tech startup industry. As the CEO and co-founder of CircleUp, the largest equity-based crowdfunding site in the U.S., my views on the merits of crowdfunding are no secret.

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Equity Crowdfunding? – How To Value Your Business

When you are raising equity finance through a business angel, Venture Capitalist (VC), equity Crowdfunding or what we call CrowdInvesting at, one of the most important things you will have to do is value your company…

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Why Crowdfunding Will Explode In 2013

The world of entrepreneurial finance is changing rapidly; we are at a tipping point that will make what seems like a vibrant part of our global economy today seem small in one year’s hindsight.

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Successful Crowdfunding Campaigns Aren’t About Cash, Says Shark Tank Winner

As a continuation of this series on crowdfunding best practices and stories, I recently spoke with Tiffany Krumins, the creator of the AVA the Elephant brand and an ABC Shark Tank winner. We discussed what’s really driving her business decisions and 

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Top 10 Benefits Of Crowdfunding

Do you want to know what the top 10 benefits of crowdfunding are? CLICK HERE for the full article.

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Why You Shouldn’t Rush Into Crowdfunding Without A Parachute or Preparation




I’m noticing a growing trend: many people are rushing into crowdfunding to finance their projects without fully understanding the numerous challenges that await them. It’s as if they’re going out for their first skydive, but they don’t bother to take a skydiving lesson or get a few practice jumps in. They just close their eyes and hope it all works out.

And then they realize they forgot the parachute. CLICK HERE for the full article


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Why Regulators are Dead Wrong about Crowdfunding and Risk…

Why regulators are dead wrong about crowdfunding and risk…
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