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Crowdsourcing using by large and small companies alike

Crowdsourcing using by large and small companies alike

Crowdopolis conference will feature crowdfunding best practices from large Fortune 500 companies to small companies.


Crowdfunding Portals Let you Sell Stock in Yourself


Human capital contracts have been proposed by esteemed economists including Milton Friedman, who advocated them as an alternative to taking on student loans.

“People find it creepy because people in general don’t want to believe that there is a market value associated with them”

New crowdfunding portals let people with potential sell “stock” in their future. For more details, checkout the full article at The Verge.

SEC Progress and concerns

While we wait for the SEC to provide the details on Crowdfunding, we continue to speculate on how the industry will be regulated.

Focus on Who, What and How Before Crowdfunding Your Project

Before you an criwdsoyrce, you need to put together a strategy. You need to know who you are looking to donate/ invest and what you really need/ want. lastly you need to be able to explain how you are going to execute your plan.

Here is a good article about this process. . .

Here’s How Important Crowdfunding Is to Innovation and Jobs

It’s election season (duh!) and we’re told the focus is on the economy and jobs. Yes, the unemployment figures went down at the end of September to under 8 percent, which is better than before. But there’s no doubt about it, the economy and jobs picture in America is still bleak for some. CLICK HERE for the full article


How to make the Best Crowd Funding Pitch

Tips for making a compelling crowdfunding pitch…

Click Here for the Article!

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