“Through the new Crowdfunding law reducing restrictions on raising funds for startups, Fundington will energize the entrepreneurial community more than any other legislation in almost a century.” Joseph Pick, Founder
Fundington.com, The Funding Capital is a crowdfunding portal enabling entrepreneurs, visionaries, artist, innovators and founders to raise funds through Social Networking. Fundington.com connects Founders, Donators and Investors in one place online to promote business growth and development.
So, if you are a:
1. Founders (people who need money for their ideas/ projects)
2. Donators (people who want to donate to a project)
3. Investors (people who are interested in equity in the project)
You should sign up because:
•Fundington is destined to be a game changer for many startups.
•Utilizing the fundington.com platform is a major step in the direction of leveling the playing field for both small businesses and small investors.
•Fundington will drive innovation and jobs as few initiatives have done in recent memory.
•Fundington and other crowdfunding platforms could ultimately be significantly larger than Venture Capital investments. As author Amy Cortese has suggested – if Americans diverted 1% of their long term savings into Crowdfunding type investments, the total would be 10 times annual VC investments.

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