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Crowd funding is for more than just techies


The Verdict is in . . .

Social media s a key to Crowdfunding according to these experts . . .

SEC Progress and concerns

While we wait for the SEC to provide the details on Crowdfunding, we continue to speculate on how the industry will be regulated.

Focus on Who, What and How Before Crowdfunding Your Project

Before you an criwdsoyrce, you need to put together a strategy. You need to know who you are looking to donate/ invest and what you really need/ want. lastly you need to be able to explain how you are going to execute your plan.

Here is a good article about this process. . .

Emotional Rate of Return

Whereas most financial investments only rely on an ROI, crowdfunding has an Emotional Rate of Return

Check out the article and a breakdown of the equation here:

Emotional rate of return – is it calculable?